MSHROO3Y was built with the purpose of helping individuals realize their dream of becoming small business owners. The website connects ‘innovators’ (those with the ideas, but not the capital) to ‘investors’ (those with the capital, but not the ideas). Also, the website provides consultation services to those who have a business idea, but might lack the business, accounting, marketing background. In the end, the ultimate goal is to encourage Kuwaiti youth to become more independent, encourage them to become more creative, & kindle their entrepreneurial spirit.

How to Use the Website

The website can be used by:

(1) Individuals looking to Establish a Business – If you are interested in becoming a small business owner, have an idea of the business you would like to own, but lack the required funding, then head to the Listings Page and submit your business idea for potential investors to look at and contact you.

(2) Individuals looking to Invest in a Business – If you are interested in investing in a small business, have the capital available, and would like to either become a managing partner in the business, or simply become an investor in the business without the hassle of running it, head to the Listings Page, browse the posted business idea’s, and contact the individual who posted the business idea for collaboration.

(3) Individuals who Already own a Business – If you already own a business, and you are looking for additional funding, or even to sell your business, head to the Listings Page and submit a post for potential investors/buyers to look at. Furthermore, if you are looking for a business consultation for your small business, head to the Consultation Page and browse the various consultations we have to offer.

(4) Companies looking to Advertise their Business  If you are a Supplier looking to connect to new business owners so that they can become your customers – i.e. Banks, Construction Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Retail Suppliers, Real Estate Offices, Freelancers etc. – then head to the Advertisements Page and submit an ad promoting your services.

If you are still unclear on any of the services & features provided on our website, kindly get in touch with us via Contact Us Page,.

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