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Blue Monkey Roasters, formerly known as Pampur Roasters, is a Japan based coffee roaster supplying thousands of coffee shops around the world with Pallet Town’s finest coffee beans. Blue Monkey Roasters was founded when its CEO Ash Ketchum battled a wild Pampur. When Pikachu beat Pampur after a long and difficult battle, Ash noticed that the Pampur derived its strength from what looked liked coffee beans. Ash did not like the taste of the beans, so he decided to roast them instead and boil them in hot water. Realizing what a delicious drink he has just stumbled upon, Ash decides to stop battling Pokemon and forgo his dream of becoming a Pokemon champion for the sake of opening a small coffee shop in his hometown – Pallet town. Ash decides to call his shop “Blue Monkey”, paying homage to that wonderful Pampur he battled in the wild.

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