What is MSHROO3y?

MSHROO3Y is a (1) Consulting & (2) Crowd funding portal.

  1. In regards to our consulting services – we offer new, current, and potential business owners several consulting services ranging from financial, to marketing, to managerial services etc.
  2. In regards to the crowd funding feature of the website – we provide the opportunity for those interested in establishing a business but lack the necessary funding to post their business idea on the website via the listings page for potential investors to contact them; this feature could also be used by existing businesses looking for additional funding to expand their business, or even sell their business.

So to conclude, the crowd funding feature of the website, which can alternatively be called the business listing feature, is available for both innovators (the one’s with the business idea but lack the funding), and the investors (those with the financing looking for a business to invest in).


How can I post my Business Idea on the website?                                

You can submit your business idea on the listings page.


What if I have a rough idea of the business I want to establish, but have no idea of the capital requirements?

At MASHROO3Y we can help give you an estimate of the capital requirements of your business, among other services, if you decide to acquire our consultation services – See Consultation Page.


How long will my idea be posted on the website?

Your idea will be posted for potential investors to see for 90 days.


Why does my business idea listing needs to be approved before showing on the website?

The main purpose behind this is to filter out any inappropriate or missing content such as spam, inappropriate images etc.


How long until my business idea listing is approved and shows on the website?

Within 1 business day.


Is there a fee for posting my business ideas on the website?

Traditional crowdfunding websites take a percentage from the capital raised, or even equity in the business itself. This cuts into the business owners profits & hampers growth potential. We do not receive any equity in your business, nor do we collect any percentage from the capital you raise for your website, neither do we charge a fee for posting your business idea on the website. This service is completely free of charge.


I am interested in posting my idea on the website, but I am afraid of having my business idea stolen. What can I do to ensure this does not happen?      

Many business idea’s are similar yet different. For example, one can own a clothing store, a restaurant, a car garage, and so on and so forth, and yet within these categorize, these businesses can have a unique selling proposition that makes them stand out from other businesses. Your goal as a business owner is to find that special something that makes your business unique, and present it to investors without revealing too much about your business. If you do eventually meet with a potential investor, ensure that you sign a “non-disclosure agreement” to protect yourself.


In regards to your consulting services, are the fees negotiable?

Different consulting services have different fees. Fee’s are flexible and negotiable. However, there is a minimum starting point for all services. These minimum charges are considered down payments until the final total charges are agreed upon by both parties. These minimum charges are present in our Consultation Page.


What are the payment methods?

We have provided a payment gateway via K-Net to facilitate the payment process.

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